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Experienced Sports Entertainment Lawyer in Redlands, California

Sports personalities, business owners, and managers—amateur or professional—face a range of unique legal concerns. In addition to questions about how to structure your business—a concern faced by many new businesses—you may have additional needs, as well. For instance, contract negotiation in the sports entertainment industry involves many complex factors. Contracts made for sports personalities and sports businesses may raise questions about intellectual property, copyright, and trademarks. Additionally, entertainment law handles questions pertaining to insurance and safety compliance concerns. You may have questions about how to ensure that arenas, sports complexes, and stadiums meet and exceed regulations. You may need counsel on how to best handle the acquisition of an entertainment franchise.

If you are in the sports entertainment industry, having a lawyer on your side to review your business practices and to offer qualified counsel can ensure that you protect your interests. An entertainment lawyer can even save you money down the line. For instance, failure to comply with federal, state, and local tax or employment laws can result in serious penalties. A qualified entertainment lawyer in Redlands, Ca can review your current organizational structure and help you establish a tax-efficient operating plan.

It is important to find a qualified sports entertainment lawyer. The specialty of entertainment law is diverse and involves many complex aspects of both local and federal law. You need counsel that is qualified to handle all your concerns in a unified and efficient manner. This means finding a lawyer who can assist you with your copyright, trademark, intellectual property, and contract law questions, but who can also assist you with the business side of things. Eric D. Anderson Law, Ltd., located in Redlands, Ca is the firm you can trust when you have serious sports entertainment questions and concerns. Mr. Anderson understands the sports entertainment business inside and out. For over two decades, he was a part-time Professional Wrestler. As such, he has helped many clients in the Professional Wrestling industry navigate the complex legal questions and challenges that arise in entertainment law. If you are asking, “who is an experienced sports entertainment lawyer?” you need Eric D. Anderson Law, Ltd.

What Kind of Legal Issues Does an Entertainment Lawyer Handle?

Entertainment lawyers handle a range of concerns and questions pertaining to business law, copyright law, intellectual property law, and tax law. If you are a professional or amateur athlete, you may also have unique and complex legal concerns pertaining to contract negotiation. An entertainment lawyer can review your contract to make sure that you are getting fairly compensated. Without proper review or representation, you may be signing away important rights and giving up access to key revenue streams. For instance, you have a right to determine how and when your likeness as an athlete is used and how you are compensated for its use. Careful contract negotiation involves not just questions of compensation for your work on the field but also involves concerns about how you are represented off the field. It is important that you have a qualified entertainment lawyer review any contract before you sign away your rights or seal a deal. An entertainment attorney can assist you in the negotiation process to ensure that you get the deal you deserve. “Who is the best Spots Entertainment lawyer in Redlands? We have our own opinion, and there may be others who feel differently but Eric D. Anderson Law, Ltd. can guide you through any legal questions you may have and make sure that you are educated about the business and contractual decisions you are making. When you need a firm that is diligent, aggressive, and fair, you need Eric D. Anderson Law, Ltd.

Eric D. Anderson Law, Ltd. can also assist you if you own a sports franchise or team and have legal questions about contracts, employment law, and safety. Franchise owners have concerns that may relate to lenders and investors, financing stadiums or arenas, handling media rights, and managing sponsors. Eric D. Anderson Law, Ltd. can make sure that you are in compliance with anti-trust laws and labor laws. Whatever your concerns, Eric D. Anderson will take the time to review your case and offer qualified legal counsel on the best course of action for your career or business.

Redlands, California Entertainment Lawyer

Eric D. Anderson understands the sports entertainment business both as a pro-athlete and as a lawyer assisting clients through their contractual and business concerns. When you need a lawyer who understands the law and who also understands the business from the inside, you need Eric D. Anderson Law, Ltd. Contact the firm today or call (909) 283-5494 to learn more about our entertainment attorney services.

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