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Sin Lawyers beat the "Trial Warriors"

February 2024

Dennis Block, a man who takes pride in claiming that he has evicted more people than any other attorney in history, and his associate Hasti Rashepaar” sued over a series of mean tweets from a parody account (“Not Dennis Block” or @dennispblock) created by a contractor for a tenants rights law firm, our client BASTA INC.) The case finally went to trial on Jan 2, and on Tuesday, Feb.6, the jury rendered its verdict for the Defense. The jury overwhelmingly rejected the claims of the Plaintiffs On Libel per see and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress (as to Rashepaar). The earlier claim of Invasion of Privacy did not survive the non-suit motion by the Defense at the close of the Plaintiff's case.

Block, whose law firm was sanctioned in October of 2023 for using non-existent cases in court filings claimed that the parody account damaged his reputation. Testimony revealed the tweets could not harm Mr. Block's reputation in part because the tweets were intentionally ridiculous, and his reputation was never that good.

Despite her claims that BASTA started her nickname of "Nasty Hasti" and the Twitter account gave it a sexual connotation, the evidence showed that she was called "Nasty" long before the account was ever created. Testimony also revealed that there was no sexual connotation to the name. Testimony at trial revealed she was called "nasty' because of her often rude demeanor and trouble telling the truth. 

Christopher Frost of Frost LLP and Neda Roshanian represented the plaintiffs. Frost LLP describes itself as "fighters” and “unapologetically aggressive". Its website lists its' nine attorneys as “Our Warriors, and indeed, they were aggressive and unapologetic. They were also unsuccessful.

Eric D. Anderson and Sean T. Cork of Eric D. Anderson Law (The Sin Lawyers) represented BASTA INC.

Practice area(s): Civil Litigation

Court: Pasadena Superior Court

Eric D. Anderson

Eric Anderson: Civil Trial lawyer, Criminal Defense Lawyer, Sin Lawyer

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