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ACLU Film Series provides guidance on your rights when dealing with ICE

Posted by Eric D. Anderson | Sep 27, 2019

Let us get this out of the way quickly. We are not an Immigration law firm. Immigration is not a substantial part of our practice. But fighting abusive government practices indeed is. While every nation has the right to control its' borders and entries, once it has created a system of rights, it needs to abide by it. Unfortunately, some agencies willfully ignore that, and no government agency is a bigger offender than the Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE. Fortunately, there are people making efforts to educate people on what their rights are when dealing with ICE.

Below we have a link that we encourage you to click on and to share. The link is to a series of videos involving the rights of individuals when confronted by (or accosted by) ICE.  While this office takes no position on the immigration laws, we believe that intentionally keeping people unaware of their rights under said laws and the United States Constitution is a tactic beneath civilized society.

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